Let’s smooth your way forward.

Let’s smooth your way forward.

Our Process
How can we serve you?

Prompt responses. Jobs completed on time and on budget and courteous attention. We commit to providing the level of service that you’d expect from a team of pros. That’s the only way we play.


Dare to dream, find our voice and inspire leadership through an engagement approach built around our Ping Pong Success Model.

Paving the way since 1988

The story of Accounting Plus Business Services begins in 1992 when Tony Chow, and his wife Rosanna, partnered with Steve Cate to buy a franchise with Comprehensive Business Services.

It was logical for Tony to assume chief management of the company with his significant experience in large companies like Arthur Andersen, Colgate-Palmolive and CIBC; while Rosanna committed herself to learn the accounting and administrative side.

As a people-person, Steve was better suited to sales. And, what was job one? A horse-farming business. The company grew in gallops from there to quickly become one of the largest Comprehensive franchises.

By 1996, Tony was not content working under the Comprehensive model, so they separated and he re-incorporated as Accounting Plus Business Services (APBS). Four years later, APBS expanded from Accounting and Bookkeeping into Management Consultation focusing on Transitions, Restructuring, HR, Exit Management and Leadership Development.

In 2013, Tony started to learn table tennis. Two years later the Ping-Pong Success Model was created to support the development of leadership capabilities among both clients and staff. The story from here continues to be served up, but APBS is game for what comes next.

Giving Back
Ping Pong
Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association (CCTTA)

Help youth to play and learn ping pong, through the support of coaches at the CCTTA.

Intern Program
Building Careers

Internships at APBS involve guided, hands-on training for individuals starting professional careers. Interns are given the opportunity to complement in-class learning and soft-skill development with practical experience –– the primary objective being to cultivate well-rounded professionals. We also encourage our interns to think outside the box and contribute to the organization’s success.

Investment Club
“Be The Change” (BTC) Investment Club

BTC was founded by APBS President Tony Chow in August 2013 a group of Schulich MBA students and interested community members. The club is rooted in Tony’s vision of helping people cultivate their soft skills. It represents a rich learning experience about investing in the stock market, while practicing leadership skills.

Learning Mandarin
Manadarin Class

Every Tuesday, APBS invites a former professor of Shenzhen University, Victor Zhao, to come in and hold a two-hour mandarin lesson. Class discussions involve current news and events happening in China. The aim is to help APBS exploit any opportunities that involve doing business in that country.


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