Together, we’re in the driver's seat.

Together, we’re in the driver's seat.


From construction companies to services companies, the team at APBS has significant experience in a wide range of industries. This makes our involvement a valuable asset to clients.


Paul Ratchford, Clear Space Design
APBS is part of our team. They take the time to answer my questions, give great advice and are pleasant to work with.

Mary Furnell, In the P Inc.
I have been working with APBS for years and am very grateful for all they have done to support my needs. I consider them part of my team!!

Jason Bond
I have been a client of Accounting Plus for over 15 years. They are professional and cost effective, and provide me diligent and personalized service.

Todd H, Associative Creative
The crew at Accounting Plus is absolutely top notch. They go above and beyond to help me maximize my returns. Plus, their attention to detail is second to none.

Dave Green, Breeze Street
Overall, working with APBS is a great experience. They are diligent professionals, who provide quick follow-up and give sound advice. I highly recommend using them.

Daryl Butcher, 7609116 Canada Inc.
Before meeting APBS my business was a mess and the CRA could be heard knocking. Thankfully, their team took control and soon straightened everything out for me.

David Duguay, DMD Marketing
The people at APBS were very knowledgeable, responded to my questions quickly, and helped explain everything I needed as a small business owner.

Mike Gentile, Universal Spinners
I rely on Accounting Plus for my daily business needs. Plus, the staff is friendly, courteous and professional.

Daniel Rubin, USB Direct Inc.
Barry and the team at Accounting Plus are all friendly, personable, and on the ball when it comes to the details of our finances. It took very little time, at the beginning, for them to take a complete understanding of our wants and needs, embed themselves into our practices, and feel like part of our family at USB Direct Inc. Barry regularly spends time assisting us with strategies which help save money on one end, while expanding our abilities to make money on the other. They are truly an invaluable asset to our small crew. We wouldn’t be where were are today without them. CEO USB Direct Inc.

Dean Swift. Micrylium Laboratories Inc.
On behalf of our group at Micrylium I would like to thank both of you for the superb work you performed on our Financial Statements. It is the first time in 15 years that we have been TOTALLY satisfied with accounting work. We were very impressed with the attention to detail and the speed that the work was performed. We were also really amazed that you were able to correct over 75 journal entries that were missed by 2 sets of accountants over several years. Over the years I had unfortunately developed a negative attitude towards accounting as a “necessary evil”. Accounting Plus helped shed new light on the details of accounting and really helped me appreciate the profession once again. We look forward to doing our next statements with you. Director Micrylium.

Vijay Singh
Steve is a dynamic, forward-looking individual with great insight in business and ability to conceptualize and strategize. We get along so very well – no wonder ten years have gone by so quickly!

Regina K, President Regina K
The APBS team impressed us from our first meeting with sound advice and creative opportunities to optimize our financial process. They have demonstrated a high level of commitment and understanding of our business challenges.

Stephanie Riley, PACE Consulting Benefits & Pensions Ltd.
Accounting Plus takes the time to understand my business needs and corporate objectives. They are professional, have a deep understanding of the industry, are trustworthy and very easy to work with. They are fantastic to work with and I highly recommend their accounting and tax planning services.

Steve Adams , President Marly Skin North America Inc.
Accounting Plus has given sound and professional financial advice for me and my company over the years.

Wolf Leuthner, Distributor Derksen (Canada), Inc.
Accounting Plus has been instrumental in the success of our company’s business since 1993. They are extremely resourceful in finding solutions for any subject matter relating to our business. I can highly recommend them.

Jim Young, Pet Valu Franchisee
When I started operating my own business I planned to do all of my bookkeeping myself. My accountant told me that he would use my records to prepare the year end filings and it would cost me about $3500. After about 6 months I realized things were not working perfectly. I was doing my own bookkeeping, payroll, regulatory filings and so on but I wasn’t sure that everything was done properly. Had I captured all of my input tax credits? Would my records stand up to audit? I also didn’t have a feel for whether or not the way I was managing my income was optimal for tax planning. Most of all I was also unhappy with the amount of time the paperwork was keeping me off the sales floor of my business. My best moneymaking opportunity was spending time with customers, not doing paperwork. It was then that I decided to meet with Accounting Plus Business Services. Accounting Plus not only showed me that there were better ways to administer the business, they gave my wife and I business and personal tax planning advice during the year. Compared to what my original accountant was going to provide, it was a no brainer to switch to Accounting Plus. For just slightly more per year, they prepare monthly bookkeeping statements for me, calculate my payroll and all regulatory filings, give tax planning and management advice and do the business year end return and filing. The changes we made in our first year alone after reviewing our business performance with them saved us far more than the fee we paid them. I would recommend Accounting Plus Business Services to anyone looking for small business financial management solutions.

Our Team

Are you a construction company facing industry-specific rules and regulations? Fortunately, we have the expertise in calculating the HST according to the collected invoices and T5018 forms.

From construction companies to services companies, the team at APBS has significant experience in a wide range of industries. This makes our involvement a valuable asset to clients.

Some of our areas of specific expertise include the acquisition and selling of businesses, and helping clients negotiate with their financial institution and the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

Further, we understand the complications faced by manufacturers and wholesalers dealing in foreign sales and PayPal accounts. We’re also fast learners, so trust us to get up to speed quickly on the specific needs of your company and your industry.