Are you having trouble with the CRA? The taxpayers ombudsman may be able to help! Find out how

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The taxpayers ombudsman can help you.

So, who is a the taxpayers ombudsman?

The taxpayers ombudsman is an independent, objective, and impartial officer who reviews complaints, identifies systemic issues and makes recommendations.

Why do we need an ombudsman?

Because an ombudsman …

  1. Provides independent and impartial reviews of CRA service-related complaints
  2. Investigates systemic issues
  3. Facilitates taxpayer access to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  4. Ensures that the CRA respects the Taxpayer Bill of Rights
  5. Raises awareness of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights and the Ombudsman’s role

However, there are some limitations for a ombudsman to review.

  1. Complaints relating to tax policy or program legislation
  2. Matters within the jurisdiction of a court
  3. Complaints about issues prior to February 21, 2007

Overall, a taxpayers’ ombudsman is playing a role of seeing Canadians getting professional service and fair treatment from the CRA. For example, the a taxpayer had applied for some relief from the GST department regarding tax payments. However, the corporate tax department would not recognize the relief and insisted on payment. The taxpayers ombudsman looked into the situation and said that the CRA should apply the same treatment to the taxpayer from all departments.

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