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An introduction of the services we generally offer – terms and fee will be dealt with separately.

1. Annual yearend preparation:

Corporate and self-employed financial statements preparation including filing of corporate and personal income tax returns.  Yearend preparation comprises of compilation, review engagement and audit.  However, most businesses require compilation only. Ordinarily, yearend assignment does not include regulatory filings like GST, but we will do that as extra billing. We are also open to clients that need consultation all through the year with an agreed upon fee.

2. Monthly or quarterly processing:

a)      Preparation of monthly financial statements including graphs.

b)      Regulatory filing including PST, GST, payroll deduction, T4 & T4 summary, WSIB, EHT, ROE &      T5018, corporate and personal income tax returns.

c)      Bank reconciliation including credit card reconciliation if applicable

d)      Telephone supports/office visits/on-site visits when applicable.

Monthly fee is based on the number of the cheques written, transactions incurred, number of bank and credit card accounts and time spent in the business.  Some of the regulatory filings mentioned above are not included in the standard monthly fee.

3. Monthly and Admin Service:

An enhanced service in addition to #2, we provide customized administrative services.  It ranges from issuing invoices and cheques to any other clerical functions requested by clients.  Clients typically come to our office weekly or bi-weekly to complete the paper work, but it is not confined to this option. Fees would be based on the monthly service fee structure and the scope of the assignments as required by our client.

Others Services:

  1. Incorporation/Rollover
  2. Personal income returns
  3. GST returns
  4. ROE
  5. T5018
  6. Audit representation
  7. Cash flow projection/Banking/loan application
  8. Partnership agreement
  9. Tax planning or tax research
  10. Personal financial planning
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