3 business tasks to outsource

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As a business owner, there is an overwhelming amount of business tasks that you have to carry out. When you don’t have the time or expertise, or simply don’t want to do everything, outsourcing your tasks is good idea. Specifically, consider outsourcing the following things:

Bookkeeping: There are companies out there that can provide this service, and we are one of them. If you don’t feel like wasting time on managing billing, accounts payable, inventory recording, payroll, taxes and data entry, consider using services from a bookkeeping / accounting firm.

Technology: If you’re not technologically savvy, know that there are outsourcing options for IT support.

Human resources: Consider paying people to help you post positions, screen potential employees, process security checks, etc.



Source: http://community.bmo.com/smartstepsforbusiness/articles/daily-operations/services-small-businesses-may-want-outsource


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