New Testimonial: Pet Valu owner, Jim Young

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“When I started operating my own business I planned to do all of my bookkeeping myself.   My accountant told me that he would use my records to prepare the year end filings and it would cost me about $3500.

After about 6 months I realized things were not working perfectly.   I was doing my own bookkeeping, payroll, regulatory filings and so on but I wasn’t sure that everything was done properly.   Had I captured all of my input tax credits?  Would my records stand up to audit?  I also didn’t have a feel for whether or not the way I was managing my income was optimal for tax planning.  Most of all I was also unhappy with the amount of time the paperwork was keeping me off the sales floor of my business.   My best moneymaking opportunity was spending time with customers, not doing paperwork.

It was then that I decided to meet with Accounting Plus Business Services.  Accounting Plus not only showed me that there were better ways to administer the business, they gave my wife and I business and personal tax planning advice during the year.

Compared to what my original accountant was going to provide, it was a no brainer to switch to Accounting Plus.   For just slightly more per year, they prepare monthly bookkeeping statements for me, calculate my payroll and all regulatory filings, give tax planning and management advice and do the business year end return and filing.   The changes we made in our first year alone after reviewing our business performance with them saved us far more than the fee we paid them.

I would recommend Accounting Plus Business Services to anyone looking for small business financial management solutions.”
-Jim Young
Pet Valu Franchisee

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