Basic information about TFSAs

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In 2009, the Canadian government allowed Canadians to benefit from the Tax Free Savings Account. Here are some basic facts about this new way to save and how it affects you.

· All Canadians over 18 years of age can open a TFSA
· Annual limit is $5,000.00
· Any interest, investment income or capital gains accumulated from this account will not be taxed
· The annual $5,000.00 limit can be carried forward if not used in the year
· Funds can be re-contributed without losing the allowable limit if you withdraw for whatever reason – unlike the RRSP room
· All deposit and withdrawal amounts have to be managed like a RRSP account by the financial institution because you will be penalized if you over-contribute
· If you plan to withdraw from your TFSA, you should do it close to the end of the year, and then you can re-contribute early next year. That is, if you contributed to the limit already. If you do it in the same year, it is considered over-contribution and subject to penalty. The same rule will apply to income from prohibited investments in TFSA.
· You can contribute to your spouse’s account
· Anybody who contribute to a savings account should start a TFSA to maximize the $5,000.00 limit before putting money in the regular savings account

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